How I made my first money online?

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In this article I want to share the story with you case it helps you out to make your first money online and to show you it’s possible for you to do this yourself even without giant money.

For many of us making are first dollar online seem like a big win anymore but to millions of others just starting out earning your first dollar is very big thing most people want to do it for all kinds of reasons like get a better life or get a new career and many more reaons. My first time making money online was by selling through Ebay not fancy story but it was good place to learn how to sell online and how to do market research right.

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I begin my career as a shop manager in 2011 over that time I learnt a range of things while I was doing that I learnt about how easy it was to make money on Ebay so I started selling second hand stuff on it I sold out of my stock fairly fast next I needed more stock so I delt with a chocolate supplier and pool cue supplier and I started selling this people then I moved onto selling organic honey to people which caused me to sell out of stock quite fast overall. I was selling quite a lot of Xbox 360 games as well which was for me overall selling really well since I could easy buy a game for £1.00 then sell it for £5.00 on Ebay which made me okay profit each game I sold.

Most people when they start a online business have no idea of how much money you can actually make online basically unlimited more less but most people stay small selling online and make roughly $500 max a month because they don’t have the confidence or desire to go further but if you do their is no limits to how far you can go online.  You will generally need a paypal account setup I would recommend you have passport or driver licence since most business will need to see prove of who you are and if you don’t have it when you make enough money Paypal will put your account into limited means you can use the money in your account anymore.  If you do ecommerce you can sell products to any countries in the world more less so be prepared for that I in the past sold £200 worth of honey to America who was living at American Army base so be prepared to deal with more orders than normal and have a system to deal with transport to other countries since it’s more less guranteed to happen to you at least once.

This is something most people screw up here is why.

  • No plan
  • No idea what they are doing
  • Follow some BS so-called Guru
  • Buy a load of worth courses
  • No budget
  • Never run a business before
  • Think it’s so easy
  • No idea how to do paid advertising
  • No idea how to do SEO

    What is the best place to start an e-commerce business?

Ebay here is why you have customers already on the site, so you don’t really need to pay to advertise your products since as long as you sell something someone on this site will want you will have plenty of customers ready to buy off you.

What are the most significant things people do wrong here?

  1. To Expensive
  2. No idea of who will actually buy the products
  3. Bad photos
  4. Slow Delivery
  5. No time to run it
  6. To much competition
  7. Can’t handle rude people on Ebay

    What can you actually sell here?

  • Food
  • Drinks
  • Games
  • Computer games
  • Poker games
  • Car parts
  • aircraft parts
  • Fitness equipment
  • Pet Supplies
  • Computers
  • Beds
  • Furniture
  • Gardening stuff
  • Vegetables or fruits
  • Skin care products
  • SEO things
  • Boxsets for TV shows or movies
  • TV’s
  • Clothing
  • Aftershave or perfume
  • Wallpaper
  • DIY such as hammers, screwdrivers, nails, paint brushes
  • Carpet
  • Windows
  • JCB Diggers
  • Renting of services such as renting diggers or a Cherrypicker
  • Farming equipment

How many photos do you actually need to sell here? Well, in general, the minimum I would say is three photos here and make sure all the images are good quality so apparent so people can quickly tell what you are selling if you do this right it wi

FirmBee / Pixabayll increase your sales by quite a significant amount.

How much money can you actually make from this a month?


Well to be honest it all depends on what you are selling for the amount possible for example a I knew of guy who was selling plane parts and make £50,000 a month this is probably not going to happen to you unless you sell plane parts to but if you are willing to think more reasonable ,it is quite easy for you to make between £50-£500 a month anything of sale such as I used to make decent money selling Xbox 360 games and chocolates and pool cues so you could easily, do this as well and make good money doing that and please remember unless people request fast delivery your standard post serice though the post Office should be fast enough since it will generally have the person post come in within ,1 week so don’t worry about paying for expensive private postage unless you selling products for over £60 each product so they can afford easier costly private paid services though different delivery companies .

Postage in the UK for small things cost roughly £0.79 postage fee if you include letter cost it will be approximately £1.00 cost so you can sell stuff for say £2.00 or more profit per item if you want to cater for people wishing purely cheaper items if the need comes quite easy

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